Drs. Andrea Fong and Scott MacLeod began this boutique practice more than 10 years ago, focusing on quality care with outstanding service in a comfortable and relaxed, yet professional environment. Patient care, satisfaction and outstanding results have always been top priorities.

Scott MacLeod, D.O.
Scott MacLeod, D.O.Summerlin Center’s medical director
Scott MacLeod, D.O., Summerlin Center’s medical director, received his Doctor of Osteopathy degree from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA in 1990. After his internship in Detroit, MI, he worked as a general practitioner being exposed to the broad field of medicine. He quickly gravitated toward dermatology as his primary interest. Dr. MacLeod has been practicing dermatology in Las Vegas since 1995, but started his own private practice in 2005 out of the need to offer his services in a more relaxed and caring environment.
In 2014, Dr. MacLeod was introduced to functional medicine while researching less-conventional treatments for his own ailments. In less than a month, Dr. MacLeod was able to reduce the number of his daily prescription medicines from three to only one! It was then that he decided to add these beneficial therapies to the list of services offered at the clinic.
Andrea Fong, D.O.
Andrea Fong, D.O.Doctor of Osteopathy
Andrea Fong, D.O., also received her Doctor of Osteopathy degree from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA, where she met Dr. MacLeod. She went on to complete her internal medicine training at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, specializing in outpatient care. Though certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. Fong found her passion focusing on medical aesthetics, and has dedicated more than 10 years to cosmetic dermatology education and performing procedures such as facial relaxers, dermal fillers and laser and light therapies for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Andrea Fong offers you her expertise in the latest in non-surgical, facial rejuvenation treatments to keep you looking natural and at your best.

With Dr. MacLeod specializing in medical dermatology and functional medicine, and his wife, Dr. Fong, highly specializing in cosmetic and minor surgical dermatology, Summerlin Center provides a full spectrum of wellness, aesthetic, and dermatologic services for family members in the Las Vegas Valley.

Our Valuable Team Members

Briana originally hails from New York City and has a bachelor’s degree in Archeology. She also is a licensed medical aesthetician and one of our medical assistants. Briana joined our team in March 2015, bringing with her many years of dermatological, as well as 10 years of wellness medicine experience
Sylvia joined our team in February of 2015. We are proud to announce Sylvia has recently earned her RN degree.  Congratulations!  She is an integral part of our team, accomplished working both front and back offices for our practice.